Foot Defender™

Modern Off-Loading & Protection

Lower Extremity Ambulatory Protective Device

Foot Defender™ is a protective, ambulatory brace designed to decrease the forces applied to the foot and ankle when walking or standing, providing offloading of the foot and ankle to assist in protecting wounds and injuries.

Foot Defender™ is the union of biomechanical engineering, modern footwear design, and patented manufacturing techniques. Using state of the art textiles, advance enginnering, and proprietary materials for force reduction and impact attenuation, Foor Defender™ provides an enhanced protective enviroment for the foot and ankle.

Foot Defender Average Maximum Pressure Charts

Walking Average Maximum Pressure
Standing/Static Average Maximum Pressure



• Proprietary Textiles & Design
• Pateted Off-Loading Components

Superior Functionality
• Removable Cast Extension

• Shoe-Like Design
• Patient Friendly

• Easy to Use
• Modern Materials